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Building Performance

CLI Group has numerous testing capabilities. Whether your building is an older, existing structure or new construction we offer testing which can be preventative or can reduce repair costs by properly diagnosing the defective components. Many tests which can be performed, such as specialized air quality testing are typically performed on an as-needed basis after a thorough examination of the building conditions. However, there  are some tests which we would recommend on most buildings or homes for either safety reasons, energy consumption improvements or risk management. This testing would include combustion testing, air leakage and electrical safety.

Having your home or building analyzed and tested by an independent, third-party can also prevent spending thousands of dollars on repair services which may not be needed. A good example are homes having basement moisture issues. There are times when extensive excavation is needed. This can be both disruptive and expensive. However, in our 35+ years in this business, we have found that many times, such extensive and expensive services are not needed to achieve the intended result. As a homeowner, you can be making an expensive mistake if you contact a basement waterproofing company first. They will almost certainly recommend the more expensive services. Having the problem assessed by an independent expert will assure that the diagnosis and repair recommendations are coming from someone that has no financial interest in the repair. CLI Group has built a reputation of trust performing these independent assessments since 1992 and we have saved home and building owners hundred of thousands of dollars along the way.

Another area where an independent assessment can keep your hard earned dollars in your wallet is energy services. Understandably, when a home or building owner is suffering from high energy costs and/or comfort issues they will look to the typical areas where most building owners look, windows, insulation, new HVAC systems, etc. While any one of the improvements just mentioned may be needed, if your main goal is reducing energy costs the results of any one of the  improvements mentioned may give disappointing results. Our independent testing and asessment services can help you in making wise decisions that can achieve the goals you have in mind.

Many homeowners may choose to perform some of the services themselves. This may include adding additional insulation, installing new windows and sealing and caulking joints in the home. CLI Group is more than happy to work with homeowners to assure that your DIY project is successful and safe. It is important to understand that any changes that are made to one system (e.g. windows, insulation) of the home will inevitably have an effect on other systems. In some cases, well intended improvements can result in dangerous consequences such as inadequate ventilation or combustion air and condensation problems.

Our services will thoroughly evaluate your home, perform the tests necessary to assure that the best choices are being made and the intended results are achieved, both economically and safely. In many cases, our testing can lead to thoudands of dollars in savings by properly diagnosing the current conditions in the building and developing a scope of work for retrofits. After all retrofits and upgrades have been completed, we can perform comparison testing which will quantify the results and estimate the cost savings from your improvements.

The reports that are issued as part of our assessments can act as a guide that you can refer to when making decisions about home or building improvements. If contractors know that the performance of their work is being measured, they will strive to assure that the intended goals are achieved.

CLI Group uses today's leading technology to diagnose your home so that when we are completed, you will have a thorough understanding of your home, where the major problems are and the cause of those problems and the most cost effective retrofit options will be discussed with you so that you will be prepared to effectively deal with contractors.


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